6 Tricks For Drinking More Water

I drink a lot of water (Most people know this about me, but if you don’t you do now). I drink so much water that I went to see my family doctor to make sure everything was OK. I had to take a few blood tests, but everything came back normal! So, here I am still drinking a ton of water.

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6 Things You’re Doing Wrong In The Shower

We all have our shower routines. It’s something we don’t need to think about. We get in, wash our hair, use body wash, exfoliate and shave. It has become second-nature to us. However, the habits you’ve formed could be harming you!

Here’s what you’re doing wrong in the shower, and how you can fix it.

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How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

December is filled with work parties, family gatherings, catching up with friends, and other Christmas activities. Nights are filled with sipping wine, eating freshly made cookies, and snacking on nuts, cheese, and crackers. It’s easy to gain a few pounds during the holidays when you’re soaking in all the fun evenings with the people you love. Not only that, but the Christmas season can make people stress-eat and skip out on the gym due to the busy season.

Here’s how you can avoid holiday weight gain!

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Make Someone’s Day With One Of These 50 Compliments

If you’re wearing a dress I like, I’ll tell you, if you have great skin, I’ll let you know, and if I think you’re beautiful inside and out, I’ll make sure you know it! The truth is, I love giving people compliments. Friends, family, strangers, you name it! If you notice something positive about someone, let them know! They may act embarrassed (because people tend not to compliment each other a whole lot) but, I guarantee you’ll make their day. I reached out to others to see what compliments make their day! So, here’s a list (of unique and simple compliments) to help you make another person happy.
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6 Healthy Alternatives to Drinking Coffee

A lot of us love the buzz we get from coffee, I mean it does make the office world go ‘round! That hot, steaming cup of joe has made its way into our morning routine. Without it, we are groggy and unable to function! However, too much coffee can actually cause harm to our bodies. It increases our stress hormones, causes an imbalance in our gut-flora, and can make us anxious and unable to sleep.

Here are 6 coffee alternatives that won’t cause your adrenaline to crash at the end of the day.
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6 Reasons Why Brothers Are The Best

They might get on your nerves, but they are irreplaceable.

A lot of girls go on and on about having a sister is the best thing in the world. I am sure having a sister is great! But, what about all those awesome brothers out there? My brother is one of the most important people in my life. I feel truly lucky to have grown up with a little brother.
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Here’s How You Can Have a Productive Weekend

Weekends are precious. Those two days out of the week allow us to rewind and give our brains a break from our work lives. They let us focus on the things we enjoy with the friends we love. I know that weekends can go by in a blink of an eye, but they take up three-and-a-half months of our year! That’s plenty of time for fun, relaxation, and recharging our batteries. Here’s how you can feel refreshed after having a productive weekend, so you can avoid those Monday blues!

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