The Five Different Types of Self-Care

Self-care is still being promoted everywhere! There are plenty of social media shares, podcasts, and YouTube videos about it. But, I find that these platforms only focus on certain aspects of self-care, such as face-masks and spa days. Yes, pampering yourself is a form of self-care, however, it’s important for you to know that it’s a lot deeper than that. Self-care is dedicating some time out of your day to take care of your mental, emotional and physical health. It allows you to check in with yourself, and do something that makes you happy.

There are actually five different types of self-care that you should be practicing. Here they are!

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Here’s How To Boost Your Confidence If You’re The Youngest In The Office

I don’t know about you, but wherever I work I always seem to be the youngest person in the office. Our generation tends to think differently than the ones previous. I’ve had workplace experiences where coworkers who are in their 40s and 50s can’t seem to adapt to change and embrace the way our generation thinks. I find this can crumble our confidence in our present and future jobs. If you feel like you need a bit of a self-boost here’s how you can regain your workplace confidence.
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Make Someone’s Day With One Of These 50 Compliments

If you’re wearing a dress I like, I’ll tell you, if you have great skin, I’ll let you know, and if I think you’re beautiful inside and out, I’ll make sure you know it! The truth is, I love giving people compliments. Friends, family, strangers, you name it! If you notice something positive about someone, let them know! They may act embarrassed (because people tend not to compliment each other a whole lot) but, I guarantee you’ll make their day. I reached out to others to see what compliments make their day! So, here’s a list (of unique and simple compliments) to help you make another person happy.
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Learn to Love Yourself in Your Twenties

Your twenties are your selfish years.

Learning to love yourself should be done in your twenties. You need to use this time to grow, focus on your mental health, and practice self-care. It’s easy to get stressed out during these important years by trying to figure out who you are and what you want. Often, people find themselves comparing where they are in life to others. However, what you really should be focusing on during your twenties is loving who you are.

I know this can be very difficult to do! But, here are 5 tips to help you get on the right pathway to self-care and self-love!

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6 Reasons Why Brothers Are The Best

They might get on your nerves, but they are irreplaceable.

A lot of girls go on and on about having a sister is the best thing in the world. I am sure having a sister is great! But, what about all those awesome brothers out there? My brother is one of the most important people in my life. I feel truly lucky to have grown up with a little brother.
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The 5 Best Homemade Face Masks

I was taught at a very young age how important it is to take care of your skin. My mom has always said taking care of your skin early on, sets you up for better skin later on in life! It’s important that we take care of our youthful skin now rather than trying to recapture it after years of damage. I have learned to go the homemade route on facial masks to keep my skin youthful. They work just as good as masks at the spa, but they don’t hurt our wallets.

Hydrating Avocado Mask.
½ of a ripe avocado
1 teaspoon of plain organic yogurt
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7 Acts of Self-Care You Can Do Anytime

With so much going on in today’s society it’s hard to make time for self-care. Work, friendships, and family obligations can quickly fill up our schedules leaving little room for me-time! It’s easy to get into a daily routine that overlooks our physical and mental health. The truth is making time for yourself is just as important as crossing tasks off your to-do list.

If you dedicate a certain amount of time to yourself per day, your mind will feel refreshed and your energy will be refueled. Read More