Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning

We still have a lot of snow in Ontario, but the weather is slowly starting to warm up! However, the last two days it’s been snowing. But, I can see a glimpse of spring because temperatures are starting to increase (at a turtle’s pace).

Spring is one of my favourite seasons because the sunshine helps people feel a little brighter; sunrays seem to increase people’s overall happiness. Not only does spring bring smiles, but it also reawakens the “cleaning bug” inside of us. Yes! I mean spring cleaning. I know it’s three weeks into spring, however, I am still cleaning! A clean home is a clear head!

Here’s my guide to having a good spring clean.

Wardrobe and Makeup

Now is the time to do a deep clean of your closet and makeup bag. I’ve grouped these together because they are the same type of deal! It’s time to go through your clothes and makeup and throw out the ones you don’t wear/use.

Here’s what you should toss:

  • Makeup or clothing you haven’t worn/used in a year.
  • Expired beauty products.
  • Beauty products and clothing that you hold onto because you’ll need it “someday.”
  • Unwearables (stretched-out bras, baggy sweats, clothing with stains, empty makeup bottles etc).
  • Clothing that you don’t feel confident in.

Fridge, Freezer and Pantry

It’s time to tackle your fridge and freezer. You use these every day so it’s important to keep them clean, right?!

Here’s how to do a complete spring clean of both your fridge and freezer:

  • Throw out what’s expired, and moldy.
  • Toss what’s been in your freezer for a year.
  • Wipe drawers, racks, and shelves.
  • Wipe the inside/outside of your fridge, freezer and pantry.


It can be easy for clutter and grime to build up in the bathroom. So, it’s important to give it a deep clean. Now, before you start cleaning declutter your drawers, cabinet, and closet! Do this by throwing out products you don’t need or use, or expired. Also, group products you’re keeping together so you can keep your bathroom organized.

Here’s how to do a deep clean of the room:

  • Wash the shower curtain and rugs.
  • Dust lights and vents.
  • Scrub the shower and tub using disinfectant and bleach.
  • Use a window cleaner to wipe mirrors, and sink(s).
  • Wipe down the toilet.
  • Sweep and vacuum floors and then wash them with a cleaning solution.


It’s easy for the capacity on your phone to fill up.

Here’s how to free up space on your phone:

  • Delete selfies, photos of food, and other photos on your phone that you don’t need anymore.
  • Delete apps that you don’t use anymore.
  • Delete music that you don’t listen to anymore.


I know this is something a lot of people wouldn’t consider spring cleaning, but organizing your finances is important. Just go through your earnings, your spendings, and gather any receipts. This is great to do since April marks the start of a new tax year, but it also helps you have a good look at what you’re spending.

It’s important to make time to do a proper spring clean in your home! Like I said above, a clean home is a clean mind. It may take a few days to complete your spring cleaning, but at the end of it you’ll feel a whole lot better!

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