Food And Wine Pairings: What You Should Be Eating With Your Wine

I’m not a wine snob, however, I do enjoy having the odd glass of wine. Now that it’s winter I am sipping on red, but in the summer you’ll find me with a glass of white. My mom used to be a liquor inspector and had to take many wine courses, and being her daughter I happen to know a lot about the good ol’ vino.

There are four main types of wine: red, white, rose, and champagne and for every wine, there is a food pairing. Certain wines taste better with certain foods! We are going to look at food pairings with red and white wine since they are both the most popular options. It’s hard to know which wine tastes best with what, so here is your beginner’s guide to wine and food pairings!

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4 Low-Cal Boozy Drinks to Sip This Summer

Summer is right around the corner. Most of us are getting excited about beach days, or poolside vacations. Most likely, you’re also thinking about the summer drinks you’ll be sipping on at home. I hate to break it to you, but here are the fatty drinks you should be avoiding this summer.
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5 Boozy Recipes For These Chilly Months

A boozy treat can warm you up during these chilly winter months. So, get under the blankets with your BFF and binge watch a Netflix show. We will provide the snack and drink recipes!
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