Make Someone’s Day With One Of These 50 Compliments

If you’re wearing a dress I like, I’ll tell you, if you have great skin, I’ll let you know, and if I think you’re beautiful inside and out, I’ll make sure you know it! The truth is, I love giving people compliments. Friends, family, strangers, you name it! If you notice something positive about someone, let them know! They may act embarrassed (because people tend not to compliment each other a whole lot) but, I guarantee you’ll make their day. I reached out to others to see what compliments make their day! So, here’s a list (of unique and simple compliments) to help you make another person happy.

1. You light up a room.
2. You have such a kind soul.
3. You make me want to be a better person.
4. You have the kindest eyes.
5. You have beautiful eyes.
6. You are the kind of friend I’ve always wanted.
7. When I’m around you, I’m at my best possible self.
8. You inspire me.
9. I love your laugh and smile.
10. You have the most vibrant smile.
11. You impress me every day.
12. You have good energy.
13. You are interesting.
14. You are super smart.
15. You are really successful.
16. You are great at your hobby.
17. You’re trendy.
18. Your outlook on life is amazing.
19. You’re so positive.
20. You light up a room.
21. You have great confidence.
22. I love your hair.
23. You have great taste in music.
24. I love how bubbly you are.
25. I like being around you because you’re so positive.
26. You have good taste in music.
27. You catch on to new things quick.
28. You have great skin.
29. You’re so caring of people.
30. You have a big heart.
31. You’re great with kids.
32. You’re great at sports.
33. You’re creative.
34. You’re great at your job.
35. You’re always so happy.
36. You’re a great mom/dad.
37. You’re always so helpful.
38. You’re a hard worker.
39. You make me less serious.
40. You make me want to grow as a person.
41. You’re one of the nicest people I know.
42. You’re my role model.
43. You’re outgoing.
44. You’re so easy going.
45. You’re my favourite person.
46. You’re so likeable.
47. Your smile is contagious.
48. You’re so in control of your own life.
49. I look up to you.
50. You’re beautiful.

Complimenting people is an easy way to spread happiness. Giving someone a compliment will make you feel happier and will bring a smile to someone’s face. So, the next time you have something nice to say make sure to say it. It’ll benefit yourself, and it will also make someone’s day!

What is the best compliment you have received?

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