5 Foods That Get Rid of Bloating

I don’t know about you, but I get bloated so easily. It gets so bad that my pants won’t do up, and if I bend over my stomach hurts like crazy! It’s very uncomfortable. When you’re bloated it feels like your stomach is filled with air and if you put a pin to it you’ll finally feel at ease because your stomach will *deflate*. Silliest, but the best description I can give you. Overall, it’s just painful, and again, uncomfortable. So, I decided to do some research about foods that naturally fight bloat.

Here are the top 5 I found that actually work for me!

Cucumbers. They aren’t only healthy snacks, they are also filled with water which fights bloat. Cucumbers are filled with vitamin C, caffeic acid and silica which prevents our bodies from retaining water. Start slicing up cucumbers and putting them in your water, it’s an easy way to add these babies in your everyday diet.

Bananas. You can thank the high potassium in bananas for your soon-to-be flat stomach! Potassium will take your bloat away, and as a bonus, it will regulate your body’s sodium intake. Bananas are cheap and easy to find! Stock up!

Fennel Seeds. Chewing on half a teaspoon of fennel seeds is a great natural remedy for relief of bloat. These awesome seeds relax intestinal muscle which will make your cramps go away. If you don’t want to chew on them, you can also buy fennel tea which is just as beneficial as the seeds. Tip: Chew, or drink fennel tea at the end of a meal.

Asparagus. Say hello to the anti-bloating superfood! Asparagus carries probiotics which balance out gut bacteria which helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Also, the vegetable helps flush out the excess water we retain, which relieves bloat!

Avocado. Adding avocado to your meals will be a blessing. The vegetable’s enzymes will help digest your food before you even start bloating.  Also, just like the bananas, the potassium in avocados will flush out excess water from your body.

Try adding these foods into your daily diet to say goodbye to your food baby! Your stomach will be flat all day, and you won’t have to lay on your bed to button up your jeans. However, if your bloating is becoming a chronic problem, talk to your doctor!


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