6 Healthy Alternatives to Drinking Coffee

A lot of us love the buzz we get from coffee, I mean it does make the office world go ‘round! That hot, steaming cup of joe has made its way into our morning routine. Without it, we are groggy and unable to function! However, too much coffee can actually cause harm to our bodies. It increases our stress hormones, causes an imbalance in our gut-flora, and can make us anxious and unable to sleep.

Here are 6 coffee alternatives that won’t cause your adrenaline to crash at the end of the day.

Tea. White, green, and black teas are caffeinated but have a longer-lasting energy effect. It won’t make you crash, or make you jittery. A lot of teas are filled with antioxidants, B vitamins and minerals. Start sipping!

Coconut water. This drink is naturally sweet, so it’s perfect for those who prefer their coffee sweet. It is naturally high in electrolytes which keeps the body hydrated. By the way, coconut water is a great replacement for sports drinks.

Lemon water. I know, sounds boring. But, drinking warm lemon water when you first wake up kicks off your system by gently waking up your liver. On another note, try to always have a water bottle on you during the day because staying hydrated is essential if you want to keep your energy up to par throughout the day.

Kombucha. This drink is packed with probiotics, healthy acids, antioxidants, and enzymes! Kombucha helps boost your energy because of the iron in it. Iron is essential to boost energy levels. For all the major benefits, make sure to drink kombucha on an empty stomach in the morning.

Green smoothies. Blend fruits, ice, and spinach to make a smoothie filled with antioxidants to wake you up in the morning! Drinks like this contain nutrition, hydration, vitamins, and energy all in one shot.

Flaxseed shake. Adding flaxseeds or flaxseed oil to your morning smoothie will have you up and running. It provides energy and fibre. Try blending fruit, yogurt, soy milk, ice and flaxseeds.

I’m not saying to just give up coffee, but consider only drinking it a couple of times a week. Try replacing your coffee with one of these healthy alternatives next week! Better yet, try a couple of them throughout the next seven days and let me know how you feel!

Do you already have a coffee alternative? Let me know in the comments.

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