7 Acts of Self-Care You Can Do Anytime

With so much going on in today’s society it’s hard to make time for self-care. Work, friendships, and family obligations can quickly fill up our schedules leaving little room for me-time! It’s easy to get into a daily routine that overlooks our physical and mental health. The truth is making time for yourself is just as important as crossing tasks off your to-do list.

If you dedicate a certain amount of time to yourself per day, your mind will feel refreshed and your energy will be refueled.

Here are 7 acts of self-care you can practice this week!

Create a gratitude list. You have to start somewhere, and this is the perfect first step. Once a day, write down three things in your journal that you are thankful for. Write down anything from clean sheets, to a close friend. Over time, you’ll end up feeling a lot more positive about your life!

Write down three things you like about yourself. You can add this to your gratitude journal! It’s always nice to remind yourself of the reasons why you are great. I know it can be hard, and it may take a while to find those three things you like about yourself but it’s worth it! Start with something small like a freckle. Start practicing this every day!

Leave your phone at home. Allow yourself to focus on the beauty around you, and live in the moment. Instagram and Facebook are great, but it can lead you to compare yourself to everyone’s highlight reels. Next time you go out, leave your phone in your room and take in everything around you! You’ll feel a million times better.

Create a space for you. Make sure you have a cozy space in your home. Does your bedroom look the way you want it to? If it doesn’t, add some more pillows, salt lamps, and candles. If you make an inviting place it’ll act as a retreat for you when tough times happen.

Read a book. When you find a novel you like it makes you feel happy. It feels wonderful to love a book so much that you lose track of time and get lost in the pages. It creates a sense of peace!

Surround yourself with nature. Getting outside can do wonders. Head to the beach, or even your backyard to get your daily dose of vitamin D. Take in the moment by feeling the fresh air against your skin, listening to the birds chirp, and watching the trees blow in the wind.

Buy yourself flowers. Don’t wait for someone to buy you flowers! Treat yourself because you deserve them. Flowers will brighten up your home, and every time you look at them it’ll bring a smile to your face.

It’s important to remember craving time for yourself isn’t a selfish act! It’s something we should be practicing every day, however, finding the time can be tough. The more we learn to see ourselves as something to nourish, the more time we will find to practice self-care acts.

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