Essential Life Skills To Help You Thrive As An Adult

Adulting has its perks: decorating your own place, pay cheques in your bank, becoming a fur mom, just to name a few. However, it comes with a lot of responsibilities. We also have to worry about saving money for retirement, figuring out a career path, planning for future offspring (if you want kids), and taking care of ourselves at the same time.

I give major props to anyone in their 20s who seem to have everything under control 24/7. I find my 20s have been all about transitioning to an adult. It can be difficult! No one told me that becoming an adult would be easy, but I just kind of thought it would gradually happen. I mean, so far, it’s been great, but I’ve come along some challenges as well!

If you want to get this adult thing down, here are some essential life skills you should be practicing on the reg.

Start Building Credit. If you want to buy a house or a new car someday, you need to have good credit first. It’s a good idea to start building credit now. All you have to do is visit your bank and talk to them about getting a credit card.

Learning to Budget. Figuring out the right budgeting plan that works best for you is important. If you analyze your earnings you’ll learn how much you should actually be spending a month. Managing our finances wisely allows us to save for long-term investment, or even go on a dream vacation.

Knowing When to Negotiate a Raise. Look into the price dynamics of your industry, so you know your professional worth. It will take some research, but you’ll learn if your employer is taking advantage of your skills. If you find out you’re being underpaid, set up a meeting with your boss and ask for a raise.

Coping With Setbacks. We all react differently to personal challenges, and it’s important you learn the best coping mechanism for you. Some of us need to turn to a trusted mentor or even a therapist. Others may need to go for a run, or have a hot bath! The key is to figure out what works best for you and use it when you’re dealing with setbacks.

Accepting Critical Feedback. In any job, you’ll always have something you can improve on. When you face workplace criticism it’s important to turn it into something positive. Sure, you may be upset but your employer is only trying to help you. Critical feedback will help you grow, and succeed.

Balancing Your Life. Don’t fall into a workaholic lifestyle. You need to make time for both your personal and professional lives. It’s important to set boundaries so you can have a healthy balance. Learn when to make time for your hobbies, and to not respond to work emails when you get home!

It’s okay if you haven’t mastered these skills yet. A lot of them are something you’ll have to practice for a while because you’re teaching your brain something new. But, having these 7 essential skills under your belt will help you thrive in your 20s and beyond!

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