Here’s What Your Food Cravings Mean And What To Eat Instead

When our stomach starts growling, usually we aim for whatever is easy to grab. A piece of bread, a granola bar, chips, or maybe something you can put in the microwave. Eating healthy shouldn’t be a challenge. Usually, when you’re hungry you have unhealthy cravings, which can be curbed with a healthy alternative. This is because when you crave certain things your body is trying to tell you it’s lacking something it needs. You just have to know what to snack on and of course, buy the right groceries. It’s all about planning ahead!
Here are five tips to help you stay away from snacking on junk, and reach for healthy foods instead.

If you’re craving sugar. If you’re wanting something sweet it could mean you’re lacking sleep. You need to remember those sugar highs only last so long and you’ll end up burning out. Instead of giving in to your sugar cravings-reach for an apple, or a banana. If that’s doesn’t seem to do the trick, have some Greek yogurt.

If you’re craving salt. If you’re craving something salty, this could be your body’s way of telling you that you’re dehydrated. Drink water before grabbing something with salt in it. If that doesn’t work, eat cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, or watermelon. If you’re really not feeling like veggies then make some popcorn. It’s a healthier alternative than chips!

If you’re craving carbs. This can be a daily struggle for some people. Researchers believe when people crave carbohydrates it’s because their serotonin is low (aka the chemical in your body that affects your mood). If you are wanting to eat a whole pizza (no judgment here, it happens) try eating some eggs, salmon, or tofu first because they are known to boost serotonin levels.

If you’re craving fried foods. This could be your body’s way of telling you it needs healthy fatty acids. You can help this by eating good quality fats like avocado, almonds, natural peanut butter, or hummus. If you find yourself craving fried foods a lot, I would look into taking Omega pills! You can find them at a pharmacy.

If you’re craving vinegary food. If you’re craving vinegary foods like pickles, something could be up with your stomach acid. Your body may want you to eat vinegar to help it produce more acid. Try combining meat with citrus or vinegar to help make digestion easier on the stomach. So, if you want a slice of turkey, eat a pickle with it. This will also help balance your stomach acid.

Just so you know, thirst is the last resort signal for dehydration. Your body’s way of reminding you to drink could be by making you think you’re hungry. Otherwords, it could be possible that all you have to do is drink water to curb your craving.

The first step to having a healthier life is knowing what your body is actually looking for when you have a craving! Start now, so you can start living a healthy life.

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