How To Be The Best Bridesmaid

Congratulations, you’re going to be a bridesmaid! It’s a thrilling experience to stand beside your BFF while she marries the love of her life, but it’s also an honour to be in the wedding party. Keep in mind, the bride has asked you to fill this role because she wants you by her side, trusts your decisions, and believes you’ll be there for her through every step of the way.
Don’t be discouraged! It’s going to be fun, but here’s some advice so you know what to expect.

It’s expensive
You’re about to spend a lot of money, and you basically can’t say no because you’ve agreed to be a bridesmaid. The dress is the most expensive thing you’re going to buy, and the bride picks it. If you are tight on cash, just let her know before you go dress shopping so she can keep it in mind when looking at prices. You will also have to pay for your makeup and hair.  Also, you’ll have to get the bride a wedding gift. Keep all this in mind so you can start budgeting properly now.

Respect and help the MOH
The bride has picked this person to tackle this role for a reason. Your job is to support her 100%, and help her in whichever way you can. The Maid of Honor usually has a few extra responsibilities and will be the bride’s right-hand woman. She is basically on call from the engagement until the bride and her SO leave the reception. When the bride tribe plans the bachelorette party and bridal shower, you have to respect that the MOH has the final say.

Know her needs
Every bride is different. She may want you to have an active role in planning, or she may just want you to show up for wedding-related events. It’s your job to ask the bride what she needs and wants from you.

It’s not your day
It’s all about the bride. If you’re told to wear your hair up for the wedding, you wear it up. If you’re told to wear your make up a certain way, you do it. It’s her day, and she deserves to look the hottest. Also, with the events leading up to the wedding, don’t make the bride change her schedule so you can make it. I know it’s hard to skip work sometimes or get a babysitter for the kids, but sometimes you just gotta’ make it work!

Don’t tell the bride about drama
Hopefully, there won’t be any wedding-related conflict. But, if there happens to be any drama at all keep it to yourself. The bride doesn’t need to hear about it.

Work as a team
The bride’s tribe should be leaning on each other, and helping each other out. You may have to deal with people you don’t know, or you don’t get along with but you have to compromise. Don’t be a drama queen, instead be a team player, and help the bride have the wedding she deserves.  It will make everything roll smoothly for the bridal party.

At the end of the day, being a bridesmaid is fun, and so worth it! Just remember your main task is to support your bestie every step of the way. Of course, the process may be a bit stressful but these tips will help you handle your role well, dodge unwanted surprises, and know what the bride wants from you. Just remind yourself why you are celebrating in the first place and you’ll be fine!

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